“The new blockchain tech is named after the Oceanian country’s snake. [...]  The Ethereum blockchain has a limitation of 20 transactions per second. PayPal, the leader in (fiat currency) internet payments, claimed in 2015 the company’s system processes 450 payments every second.”

“Bitcoin hasn’t been able to make it as a mainstream payment method so far due to slow transaction speeds. [...]  The new blockchain named after one of Australia’s most deadly snakes is capable of supporting transaction rates far higher than that of conventional payment processors.”

“A new blockchain system developed by researchers at the University of Sydney may help cure the scale and speed issues that affect the technology. [...] Most blockchain systems are ‘forkable’ in that they require participants to agree on a chain out of multiple possible branches of blocks.”


The Red Belly Blockchain performance has improved over the last three months to reach very high throughput across 14 different datacenters located in 4 continents around the globe.